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    Quality is important to us, and we design pieces that stand the test of time. Here are some tips to get longer wear out of your pieces.

    Remove your pieces before exercising, showering, and swimming. Avoid spraying perfumes and oils on the jewelry. Store your jewelry in an airtight box or pouch away from direct sunlight and heat.


    For brass pieces, simply use lemon juice to clean any dirt or tarnish. Be careful to not get the juice on any beads, leather, or other materials on your piece. Lightly rinse the piece with water to get rid of any remaining lemon juice.

    Beads and Stones

    Beads and stones can collect makeup, oils, and dirt from your skin over time. You can clean them with a gentle dish washing liquid or makeup remover wipes.


    As leather ages it will take on a beautiful natural patina and get its own unique character over time as determined by the wearer. No special care needed.

    Gold Plated Jewelry

    Any jewelry that is plated and has lost its gold color will have to be re-plated. Plated jewelry MUST NOT be worn in water or with any activities that involve sweating. This will rapidly turn the color.