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About Me

I believe what makes you unique should be embraced and celebrated out loud. 


My quest for self-expression, creativity, and performance was evident at a very young age, starting with dance. I naturally gravitated toward opportunities that allowed me to create something, embarrassing the process and loving how it made me feel. Dance was my first creative and still is a powerful creative medium for me. My dream was to be a dancer, but life took me on a more traditional path. Never wavering in my desire to create, I happened to pick up a jewelry-making book in a craft store. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion and a business.

I created my jewelry company to satisfy the need in all of us to stand out and express our unique flow. Mix eclectic with minimalism, and you get Niro Designs! In addition to distinctive handmade designs, sustainability is also important to me. That’s why, when possible, I use materials like refurbished leather, recycled glass beads, and vintage findings, minimizing our collective eco-footprint. I hope you find as much joy in wearing my jewelry as I have been designing and making it! 

THANK YOU for shopping Niro Designs!

Nicole Robinson

Niro Designs Owner/Designer